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Papers On College Sports Issues - only
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Differential In Graduation Rates Between Collegiate
Division 1 Male & Female Basketball Players :
A 9 page
paper that outlines a research study of graduation rate
differentials in basketball players based on gender.
Bibliography lists 4 sources. Gradbask.wps

Recruitment of College Athletes : This 5 page report the
process and problems of recruiting college athletes. Whether
or not the abuses can be controlled, who are the victims and
what penalties should be imposed are also briefly covered.
Bibliography lists 5 sources. Colrec.wps

College Football Coaching & Racism : An 11 page look at
issues concerning racism and the football coach. Various
historic studies are cited concerning such items as "racial
stacking" in professional football and its relevance to the
collegic sports environment. Bibliography lists approximately
18 sources. Coachrac.wps

The Impact of Participation in Athletics on Academic
Performance :
A 9 page paper discussing the correlation
between academic success and participation in athletics.
This correlation, although many times negative, is often
dependent on the intensity of the athletic program and also
on the types of academic programs to which the student is
exposed.  Emphasizes the fact that many times an academic
program can be modified to provide more of a cooperative
environment than a competitive environment which can be of
benefit to athlete and non-athlete alike. Bibliography lists
11 sources. Athlacad.wps

Athletic Participation & Academic Performance / A Study
of Women Athletes :
A 9 page paper that provides an overview
of a proposed study of women in athletics. The hypothesis of
this study is that women athletes score higher on academic
achievement tests than their non-athlete counterparts.
Bibliography lists 8 sources. Athaca.wps

College Academics & College Athletics / Conflict : A 6 page
paper discussing whether or not college athletics are in conflict
with college academic programs. A brief statement presenting a
summarized statement that “athletics are at best a necessary
evil.” The writer presents an argument supporting that
position. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Colacat.wps

Preferential Treatment Of College Athletes : A 6 page
paper in which the author discusses the preferential treatment
of college athletes, how they are treated, and why they receive
the treatment they do. Bibliography included. Prefcol.wps

The Big Ten Conference : A 34 page research paper on The
Big Ten Conference, its history, state purpose, etc; The writer
discusses administrative accessibility, enrollment, and various
changes that have occurred over the years. Of particular
concern are the conference’s rules, regulations, & by-laws.
Bibliography lists 10 sources. Bigten.wps

The NCAA Mission : This 8 page paper discusses the mission
of this often criticized organization that was set up to promote
high standards for intercollegiate sports. Bibliography lists 12
sources. Ncaa.wps

Natural Grass Verses Artificial Turf On Collegiate Playing
Fields :
An 8 page comparison of the advantages and
disadvantages of artificial and natural turf’s in the collegiate
environment. Relies heavily on data for pro-football.
Bibliography lists 5 sources. Turfcom.wps

The Problem Of College Gambling Among Student
Athletes :
An 11 page paper that explores issues related to
college sports gambling and the impacts it has on school teams,
athletes and the NCAA. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

Curtailing College Sports Gambling / Proposal : A 6 page
model proposal on ways to curtail college student betting and
game fixing on sporting events. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

Sports Law, Title IX, and Unfulfilled Promises : This 5 page
report discusses chapter IX of the 1972 Educational
Amendment to the 1964 Civil Rights Act which deals with the
issues of gender equality in sports. Elementary and secondary
education programs are often in violation of Title IX. As a
result, the judicial system has, of necessity, become involved.
Bibliography lists 5 sources. BWslaw.wps

Title IX : A 5 page paper which describes Title IX, and then
goes on to argue that Title IX is not necessarily of any benefit
to the collegiate athletes in this country. While Title IX is
based on some very noble ideas, it has generally been
implemented in a very poor manner and resulted in many male
athletes being eliminated and the number of athletes to decline.
It is a very positive Title, yet it is also a Title which should be
better implemented. Bibliography lists 4 sources. RAtitleix.wps

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