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Argumentative / Persuasive Essays
& Pro-Con Reports (Page 2)
Abortion And The Women's Movement : It is naturally
assumed and probably correct that the women's movement
began in the latter two decades of the nineteenth century.
By the early 1930's, it was believed that gender roles had
been culturally constructed in such a manner as to preclude
such access by perpetrating a system of subjugation and
beliefs that women were inferior to men. This opened the
gates to advocating changes in social structure and cultural
norms. From a women's history point of view the issue of
abortion has run the gamut from total opposition to
advocating for safe and economic access. The
nineteenth-century women's rights advocates were
unanimous in opposing abortion. This 5 page paper
presents, in essay form, a brief history of the women's
movement and the changes in attitude, within the movement,
concerning abortion. KTfemmov.wps

Abortion: A Multifaceted Issue : A 7 page discussion of
the issues surrounding abortion. Written largely from a
Canadian perspective but covers basic factors which
interplay to convince a woman to seek an abortion.
Concludes that it is the woman’s responsibility to make the
decision as to whether abortion is justifiable in her particular
situation. Bibliography lists 4 sources. PPabort.wps

Social Ethics/ Abortion and Euthanasia : A 6 page analysis
of the first two chapters of Social Ethics: Morality and
Social Policy, edited by Thomas Mappes and Jane Zembaty,
which deals with the moral problems of abortion and
euthanasia. The arguments that are presented, both pro and
con, conservative and liberal, are summarized and
discussed. No additional sources cited. 99ethics.wps

Nurses & Euthanasia - When Ethics Conflict : An 8 page
essay that examines the moral dilemmas faced by nurses as
they try to reconcile the Nurse's Code to euthanasia and the
right to die issue. Discussed are the three ethics of
autonomy, beneficence, and nonmaleficence and how these
ethics should be applied in situations involving euthanasia.
Bibliography lists 5 sources. LCNurse.wps

Medical Point of View on Moral and Ethical Issues :
A 6 page paper which examines six specific subjects
requiring moral and ethical judgments from a medical
perspective. The six sections covered are patient advocacy
from a patient advocate point of view; the legal definition
and responsibilities of moral vs. ethical behavior; addressing
and identifying difference between moral and ethical
behavior in the medical profession; a situation application in
which ideas for a student are proposed as to what to do
when asked to participate in a first trimester abortion patient
believes is 5 months instead of 3; what to do when a
member of the surgical staff is impaired through substance
abuse; and addressing ethical responsibilities regarding
research when asked to participate in ethical research
experiments. Bibliography lists 4 sources. MarMoral.wps

Application Of Functionalism To An Ethnography : A 5
page paper discussing an ethnographic analysis of an
abortion clinic in terms of George Homan’s functionalist
theory, which centered on the evaluation and assessment of
human groups, the activities in which they take part,
interactions between them, their sentiments and their norms.
Ball (1967) describes the abortion clinic personnel and
patrons as deviant, but the functionalist view holds that it
serves a purpose because it is a part of the society.
Bibliography lists 5 sources. Functionalism.wps

The Conflict of “Right-to-Life” vs “Free Choice” According
to Marx & Coser :
This 5 page report discusses the ongoing
conflict among groups who support abortion rights and
those groups who oppose abortion through an application of
both Karl Marx and Lewis Coser’s opinions and approaches
to conflict in society. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

Abortion-ProChoice :
In 5 pages the author discusses
abortion from a prochoice point of view. Abortion is a
woman's right. It is a right that has been legal to all women
of this nation for more than twenty-five years. A woman's
body is her own. Others do not have the right to tell her
what to do with her body. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

Abortion : A 5 page comparison of two articles which argue
on the issue of abortion. One article is from 1985 and is a
personal narrative of the famous actress Ali McGraw, who
believes that abortion is the right of the individual. The other
article is from 1995 and is the personal beliefs of an
unknown woman who is religious and sees abortion as
terribly wrong. Both articles make valid points, as both sides
do often do, illustrating that it is still just as an emotional
topic today as it was three, or thirteen, years ago.
Bibliography lists 2 sources. Amcgraw.wps

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